Hit the North! 

Let this be a proclamation! 

Let the north hear, prepare the interislander, warm up the fish pies in wairoa, let foxton fizz, we will be passing through, running in, trying to get the harmonic balancers balanced. 

We will come as the eastern, four shows in… 

Taupo! – The Muesem, Thursday Oct. 13th 

Gisborne! – The Dome, Friday Oct. 14th 

Napier! – The Cabana, Saturday Oct. 15th 

Hastings! – The Common Room Oct. 16th 

We will have 

Devils Elbow (Napier) 

Tucker Lane Band (Hastings) 

Eliot Witters (Gisborne) 

With us… 

We will rumble, we will roar, we will do everything we were born to do, then we will apologise and do better, do what you paid for, go beyond go above we get up so you can get down amen alright… 

Adam will path find solo north right here… 

Oct. 8th Kumeu Live 

Oct. 9th Onewhero Society for Performing Arts Hall 

All tickets and ticket links 


the shows tab


C-City… Barlands 3! Is on tomorrow night tix at 

the shows tab!

Well alright! Uh huh! 

Won’t stop can’t stop (when will it stop?)

Barlands Calling 

Phew…long time no nothing friends, I mean not in the great epic turn of the wheel, if we look at it like that then it’s less than a grain of sand through the hourglass, and maybe as important! But the thing is see we all got sick, we all went to wellington to raise money for our brother/father rough peel Paul and we all got the flu, and for me that flu turned into some pnuemony and well I’ve been on my back for two and half weeks and I’m just slowly rousing now, and it means I’m about 15 days late in all my promotional activities and it wouldn’t have mattered anyways because I’ve been hanging on wondering if we were gonna make it to the next gig! We cancelled some bar shows and our usual pilgrimage to temple basin, but as I said I can get out of bed and I’m not coughing down the walls and I’m doing all the right things, like right now where I’m listening to Gene Pitney and drinking some lemon and ginger tea and looking at the strange skull on my desk and thinking ‘that’d be you if you don’t keep doing the right things’. 

So that means this week we’re back in the Barlands! For our first show at 12bar! 

Sadly I’m not the only one who got sick recently! Brother Al Hunter got caught with covid so following the right protocols will not make it on Friday and will be resting back on the coast! So we’re real sorry buttttttt we’ll do something with Al again soon and we promise that between ourselves, Al Park and Brendan Gregg we’ll still give you at least $30’s worth of show for $5 and a can of food!... 

We’ve got so many more shows a’coming, adventures, plans etc and a goddamn album release and so much so much…we’re a ragtag crew operating on oily rags and spirit(s) so it arrives when it arrives but we’re grateful for everything… 

See you this weekend at the Barlands on Friday at 12bar… 



Between us all we’ve raised about 8 months of care for Paul, we just want to offer much blessings and thanks to all friends of The Eastern who’ve ponyed up on Pauls behalf… 

Here is the link if you missed it 


and here is a video of an impromptu, mixed up words version of London Calling we did at the San Fran back at his fundraiser! We got Paul up for his first time ever singing on stage and Warren Maxwell from Trinity Roots joined us to hold paul up and hold up the phone with the words, luckily I sung them all in the wrong place just to make it easy…it’s amazing what no rehearsals will do for you!



I think we’ve only done #1 post about it and already the first and last Barlands shows are almost sold out and the others are up there too, I’d like to think it was the reach of social media and of course the wonder of The Eastern but it might be more likely the $5 tickets and all of y’alls Idea of coming out in support of those for whom a can of food might make difference between a shit day and a better one. Either way pal’s I’m wholly glad of it and all of us are! This sat. We are joined by our brothers and sisters Adam Hattaway & The Haunters, Imperial April and Tess Liataud, a lot of music for a cheap price and a wholesome donation, there might be some tickets left but it’s getting close friends. 

To us The Barlands is any place where they ain’t got an usher and where in the great words of Hank First ‘the dancing is free’. 

Also cans of food are great! But also things like tampons, razors etc are all bloody useful so feel free to expand your parameters! And feel free to bring more than one! Nudge nudge nudge! 


This Sat… 

A Rollin Stone, 

Next Week The Darkroom and then 

12 bar on the 23rd of September and so on and on and on and on 


Oh and wellington! You asked! It has been delivered! With added Trinty Roots and Nudge and End Boss and Cake Kitchen and more for the best of reasons… 

San Fran sept 4th


The Country Singer 

I made this poem up about John Grenell and put it in my little book sometime ago, I think of him and country singers everywhere and country drummers too; one of the best of which we also lost this week. 

Forever John and forever Snapper, see you when we get there. 


and thank you to Greta Yeoman for documenting us and john in this video right here... 



Like an old dog with one good trick, The Eastern is, and have always been, a band built to play. In whatever combination we've shown up in over their 15-year history, we've tried to stand our ground for all comers and have seen every table as something to stand on and every moment standing on said tables as one where we could be singing. Traditionalists in the most rock n roll sense, we don’t have much truck with the future but we believe deeply in the moment, right here, right now. 

Right here, right now in terms of playing living, breathing, original music especially for a living is a pretty wonky time; covid burning, cost of living growing, etc. etc. ad infinitum. But we see the world in a strange way, and we know musicians always get the big sympathy and the big empathy (all though we often try and tell you different). 

As a touring band who’ve played everywhere in New Zealand and almost everywhere beyond, one thing us brothers and sisters of The Eastern have realized, is that musicians are often the least important part of the process. The infrastructures, eco systems and communities from which they spring are as crucial to the whole shebang as oxygen is to everyday humans. You might be King turd on top of poop mountain but without the air your breathing, or the bar to play in you ain’t nothing. 

With that in mind and with all things considered, maybe before the next pandemic, weather bomb, burning sky, wraith of vengeful gods or until every stage gets choked with a Fleetwood mac tribute band, your 37th favourite bunch of folk singers thought we could, this spring, wield whatever swing our aching aging elbows could muster in service; to the bars, original music and maybe a little more for some food banks just for good measure and a little extra virtue signaling. 

we called in some pals and decided to go on tour, in one city, for one night only over six nights! 

Six tribute nights, but not tributes to millionaire rock stars, a tribute to the bars that probably won’t grow a single rock star between them but will still open every night, to young chancers, long haulers and true believers alike. A tribute to the communion of a shared experience of songs you don’t know played by people who have to play them anyway, like it matters and is truly important. A tribute to the people serving the drinks, making the speakers go and a tribute to the resilience of those doing it tough this winter, this year, this forever, by offering some food, non-perishable household items, sanitary products whatever! To help take the edge off and the sting out of it all maybe for just one meal or one day or whatever. A tribute to being in this together. 

Oh! and a tribute to the audiences, we see y’all out there forking out $70 and more a ticket for the big shows and we know that’s pretty tough if you’re on minimum wage or trying to feed your kids, so come get busy with us we’re making it just $5 a ticket (with an item of the aforementioned can or something similar), to get you out. 

It sounds mental and everyone’s gonna lose money but damn if doing it for the money doesn’t make doing it, just that little bit worse. There’ll be plenty of time to jack the price up to keep us in our mansions. This one however is on us, with just enough to pay the sound people and the folks doing the door. 

Whether we sell one ticket or all of them, we’re proud to be from and for The Barlands. 

It’s gonna be everything we can make it be, starting off At A Rolling Stone this August and ending in November with a big celebration just behind the cathedral on a big stage outside of OGB with local hero Jordan Luck putting the exclamation point where the full stop should go. There’s different line ups at every gig, and more to announce. We’d be thrilled if you could join us in The Barlands or at least help spread the word! We’re on your side thanks for being on ours! 

with all these folks right here: 















12 BAR 

OCT 7 


OCT 24 


OCT 30 


NOV 4 


$5 tickets right here 


(FOLK CLUB BOOKINGS AT secretary@folkmusic.org.nz



McGrath's solo tour continues next week New Plymouth, Rotorua, Levin, Palmerston North, Whanganui with auckland and Balcairn still to come and The Eastern in Ophir and Queenstown after that! and announcing soon The Eastern in Taupo, Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, and Auckland! 

and more and more and more

Nail Free! 

I've grazed Matamata before, played around it, sensing it through the shadows of the Kaimais , turning left at Hamilton or turning right at Hamilton depending on the reliability of my internal compass, circling like a vulture with acoustic guitars for talons and finally tomorrow after all that flapping and floating the eventual morning will dawn and the hours will pass right up until 8pm when I'll show up at The House With No Nails, which as the name suggests is a literal house built with no nails, and do some of that good old fashioned folk singing! 

Knowing my luck if there are any nails present I will, with my usual inevitability, stand on them and they will embed in the sole of my foot and my literal soul and I will carry them like a soldier carries a medal on his chest. 

My no name tour cheats a little as I'm on a plane up to Hamilton to get to this one, but I'll bring the truck up for round two in a couple of weeks. 

so friends of the Waikato, if you're close and want to come by for the communion... all details at www.adammcgrath.net/shows.

Chulainn's Dogs 

A lot of bands hate playing, it seems. A lot of bands do not want to do anything other than the one very specific narrow band of art they believe defines them and allows them to communicate, even though that communication often seems pretty lopsided, “experience me, and pay me $70 for the pleasure” 

“I’m just here to communicate” 

A lot of bands talk about their ‘brand’, a lot of bands do not want to dilute the ‘brand’ by picking up any kind of instrument unless they are ‘valued’. A lot of bands talk a lot of shit and we eat it up while the crew does all the work. 

As an experienced lazy ass shit talker from way back happy to hang out at the merch table while some one else is coiling the leads, I know what the fuck I’m talking about people. 

And here at EASTERN CORP™ we understand BRAND penetration. 

Our staff are sitting in monstera lined offices reclining on Norwegian furniture collating the STATS in chunky footwear as we speak! 

We get the memos on Monday and break it down over pastries and turmeric in a huddle around our brushed steel table. 

“Adam the beard is down 10 points this quarter, and your ‘90’s era tattoos are at all time lows. 

folk music is slipping can we pivot to a new ‘ironic’ persona? 

No one understands these long ‘socials’ posts, can we divert some funds accordingly for some kind of consultant.” 

We get busy and we get improving! 

That’s exactly how we know we’re keeping this ship on the right track but also how we can tell you what goes on behind the curtains for a lot of bands/brands. 

Who are these ‘lot of bands’? 


Nah no one I was just fucking around, most bands a pretty cool and spinal tap was just a joke. 

What is true is most bands are just trying their best and hoping for the best insecure and confused as everyone else and don’t need another insecure and confused person poking fun at them! 

However I do often wonder what bands are doing all week/month? They’re probably rehearsing a lot which is probably how come they’re all so fucking good at what they do! 

Me and the eastern don’t rehearse all that much, and it shows, but we’re good at showing up! And playing for three hours! (ticket holders of recent tour shows can attest!). 

That’s because we play most nights of the week in various combinations in various bars, for varying amounts of bar tabs and listeners but always for 3hrs! 

We’d like to say we don’t tell people all that much about those shows because of ‘BRAND PROTECTION PROTOCOLS (BPP’S)’, but its mostly cause we’re lazy, and partly because we play so much who would have time for it, and a little bit because if you live in chch you’ve probably seen us in a million different ways in a million different places and if you dig hearing us sing songs that aren’t our own, you know we’ll be somewhere, someplace some time or another. 

But we’ve been working on this little Irish group we put together for a while now and getting stronger and fitter every night, we don’t rehearse but we play a lot and It shows (for good and bad). It’s been a real pleasure to honor this music, gunning for the spirit, trying on the poetry, catching the lilt, tipping the pints and shouting against the walls. We are certainly not the best at it, but we play everything fast and we lean all the way in brothers and sisters because we really love doing it. 

We’re calling ourselves ‘Chulainn’s Dogs’ and if we’re not anywhere else, and if they can’t get anyone better we’ll be at A Rolling Stone most Thursday nights and Paddy Macnaugtons on Saturdays. Its always a grab bag of who’ll show but theres a few of us, and we want to sing you these songs and make you warm and feel the spirit and sing them with us. 

Pogues, Dubliners, Clancy's, D. Dempsey, Wolfetones, Trad., Undertones, T. Lizzy, and more and more and more and all the good shit, we don’t aim to be the best but we aim to sweat hard while we’re doing it, and we aim to care, because we do! 

We’re at a rolling stone tomorrow! If Saint Shane is willing and the covid don’t rise! Join us if you can!....

Travdel Safe! 

`I rolled all the way back down the island got all the way to kohu kohu for a lil’ dream show at the sound lounge and all the way down back to c-city, got to thinking about all these years and all these up and downs and long way rounds. I like still being in the trenches, under my own steam, calling my own shots, rolling my own dice, thinking my long thoughts hoping my big hopes trying to keep my bad feelings in the boot or under my wheels where they belong. I’ve got do just about everything I’d ever hoped of doing, and theres just enough of you out there to keep me going and I know how much I owe you and I know how much I owe everyone who don’t even know who the fuck I am and for whom the whole idea of springing $20 to come see some folk music would throw the whole budget out of whack. In fact I probably owe those people the most, because I guess that’s the world I got borned into and I’m glad in between the train songs I try to sing as many of their songs as I can squeeze out of me. 

But you know their songs, your songs, my songs, those songs, it’s all the same song I guess. I’m not counting those songs designed to get something from you, or designed to sell you something other than a record or a ticket. I’m not sure those songs count. But you know what they might. But I can only speak for the songs that show up inside me and well I’m glad of them and I’m lucky to deploy them and…and…and… 

Jeez, Adam get to it man, get to the POINT. 

Well the point is I’m grateful and I’m trying to tell the people that. 

OK fairs, fair, 100 words or less though would be a little easier on the attention span, y’now? 

DIG! Okokok… 

Thankyou friends for the last few weeks and the ones to come. 

Which start this week in MATATMATA! At the House With No Nails… 

And then continue on from Aug 4th at the 4th Wall in New Plymouth 






Details and tix as ever at www.adammcgrath.net/shows 

And so on and so on… 

And Auckland we’re working on you proper! And goddamn goddamn, the Band you really show up here for The Goddamn Eastern, lets just say, stay on the line brothers and sisters things are gonna get stupid this spring/summer/forever…. 

And here’s a Lil’ Photo of my godson Lil’ Joe sending me a postcard, that’s how we keep in touch as I go a ramblin’, mine to him are always ramblin’ his are always to the point and always put the water in my eyes. Him and my other godson are the best things I never had anything to do with! thanks for the message Lil’ Joe and everyone else out there with their Eyes tight on my back! 


Old Nick Mundy 

Did I tell you about my old brother Nick Mundy? Last time I was coming to Whangarei? 

If I did then here we go again, if I didn’t then we’re sweet as… 

Anyway Nick Mundy showed up in my 3rd form class and he was a giant with a mullet just like me and he had bone tooth earring and I had a bone tooth necklace (which got me banned from all school functions for punching someone with it and getting caught with it wrapped around and in between my fist at the very first burnside high school disco, but you know that’s a different story and a different life) so of course we were destined to be the propping combination for the Marist Western Suburbs under 14’s… 



Hold on I have written this here…I checked… 

Goddamit I’m running out of stories 

and towns 

and old friends 


Oh fuck it call it an encore, like when we had to play wagon wheel three times at the Hokitika Wild Food’s Festival just to get the crowd to like as much as the beat girls who had just destroyed us, (I mean that in deep seriousness, you might think you’re shit is pretty tight but you just can’t compete with a band of killer singers in big wigs a backing tape and every no. 1 hit ever written in their set, anyways that’s a different story and a different life). 

But way back when 

When I was 11 there was this test we did at school to identify whether you had a predilection for music. 

If you got a certain mark you were allowed to take music lessons subsidized by the school they played lots of notes and you had to answer questions about the way they sounded etc. 

I closed my eyes and focused real hard, because I wanted to play the saxophone real bad. 

Of course I failed. 

That was it for me as far as lessons went. 


When I hit high school a couple of years later and old Nick Mundy discovered the sheets that you needed to give to your teacher to get out of class for music lessons. 

We stole about fifty 

And I never went to economics again. 

However we got busted on that. 

But the music teacher who called us on it and said if we wanted he'd organize real lessons for us. 

I chose bass guitar cause I wanted to be like Steve Harris from iron maiden. Nick didn't care so we went together. 

However the teacher was smart and said we had do some other music lessons also. So we said sure, he told us to show up later so we did and he presented us both with a euphonium each. 

Now the euphonium being the little brother to the tuba and the fact we now had to carry it to and from school was a mighty blow to the shitty scumbag bemulleted 

Metal warrior school bully vibe we working on. 

The teacher was smart. 

It was an ace he kicked up our holes. 

To be fair the lessons didn't last long as me and nick were both 6ft at age 13 and intimidated the teacher so much he asked if we would be removed from his schedule. 

The point of all this is that there could be a fairly direct line between Nick Mundy’s shifty eye for an out from economics and me showing up singing these here folk bangers to crowds of up to 20 or more in small spots all around New Zealand. 

And the point of that is that Nick was from Whangarei 

And the point of that copy and paste from 2019 

Is that I’m back in Whangarei on Thursday and I’m playing at the Woodshed which is actually a boat shed and my mullet less pal Monty Bevins will be there too! And then on Friday in KOHU KOHU! At the soundgarden! Whoah get back oh yeah c’mon now! 

All the details at 


and here is an announcement for a whole other leg of shows! 

And goddamn there is more coming so check these out tickets and ticket info just like above at: 


Jul. 22 


House with No Nails 

Aug. 4th 


4th Wall Theatre 

Aug. 5th 

McLeods Booksellers 

Aug. 11th 


The Globe Theatre 

(tickets on sale soon) 

Aug. 12th 


Musicians Cub


Friends! I'm burning round the nth island setting fire to coffee shops and junk shops and book shops wherever they land singing and telling stories late into the night! found a sweet old 70's japanese Hummingbird copy in Waipu Cove and it made me think of old ben edwards who helped us make all The Eastern albums and all the albums by everyone ever and how when I only had $100 yamaha held together with electrical tape he would lend me his until the busking and three shows a day work we were doing way back when paid off, then he gave it to Marlon Williams who snapped the neck in the high altitudes more than once. I don't know where it ended up but maybe this new/old one I found might carry some of the spirit! Guitars are good like that! I like the North North Northlands a lot and this week I'm banging around there with one of the good road dogs monty bevins, I've watched him destroy his future by spending most his time on the road these past years and its good to know I ain't alone out there on these wild state highways where the cars a getting faster by the minute, road pals like guitars often carry the same spirit! We're in Whangarei come thursday night in this fellas boat building Shed called the woodshed and on friday across the water from opononi in Kohu Kohu, I love it there and can't wait for the weekend! both shows are door sales only so we cross our fingers any one'll make it and if they don't we'll still sing cause thats what we like to do and it'll take the edge off an empty room anytime! 

This beaut keeper of the faith who hosts this great Radio Show in Northland gave me some airtime last week and I droned on and he let me go which was sweet and kind of him! you can listen right here: 


just scroll on down till you find tunes from the badgers den, thats where this ol' bear got his yarn on and the badger was good enough to let me roll without a scratch or nothing! viva him and the beagle radio upon which he resides! 

we got more shows coming up! 

New Plymouth 





Palmerston north! 

with me solo and 

some real humdingers with The Eastern coming soon! I'll start rolling them out from a motel room somewhere tomorrow! stay tuned! stay gold! stay free! 

and in the great words of of old Chuck Dukowski 'What the fuck, Fuck shit up', I know that ain't no way for a folk singer to talk but at exactly the same time its exactly how a folk singer should talk...we'll keep riding the dualities as high and tight as we can and try and make it look as easy as Duke Kahanamoku made his wave riding look, of course I ain't as full as grace and wonder and power like him, but I'm trying and swearing like Chuck Dukowski all the way to my own inevitable wipe out! Peace!