The Time before time

There was a time before the internet, before the personal computer, before the electric typewriter, before writers, before types, before the sun, before fire, before the scrawling of ink on the walls of caves, before it all. It is in this time whereupon The Eastern first played in Auckland, we were younger, fitter, stronger, neither Jess Shanks or I needed reading glasses.
We were in a whirlwind, we played at the kings arms, we played on juice tv, we played in a park, and we played at the Wine Cellar and we met Rohan. He who runs the joint, he who mans the faders, he who moves the couches, he who, he who always has, he who has made the space for so many and kept the faith for longer than was ever necessary.
We thought we would snowball Auckland, we were not afraid of the big city, it was where the buttons were pressed, where the moves were made and where the shakes got shaking, we had seen our comrades drawn like moths to its flame but we were not of that kind, we were raiders, pirates, commandos, airborne, saboteurs, get in do the songs and get out without too much glad handing and desperation. Sadly/happily most of just about everyone we met was nice, and supportive and hopeful, and wanting to help us with whatever it was we needed, but pirates and wild wonky horses can never stay inside for too long, so our operations were always brief, always too long between drinks, always under promoted (by us), always a little to little to late. Ultimately that was just fine and just how we were and just how we are and In a way the exact way we needed to go to keep on.
But the memories stir, of the shows and songs and drinks and times and the fact that we are mostly all still standing.
Rohan and the wine cellar are always at the heart of that kind of remembering,
Its gonna change soon, the wine cellar that is, become part of the whammy bar, for all the good reasons things change and grow and that’s just fine and Rohan will still be around, and I guess me and The Eastern will be too in some fashion, but one last time, one last round at the old haunt will suit me just fine, so here I come, this weekend, under promoted, over caffeinated, under the stairs and over the goddamn rainbow.
Rohan will be there and Ill bring the songs and the stories…
Thankyou big city, thankyou rohan, thankyou wine cellar, thankyou time,
Thankyou if you get a ticket….

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