The Songs

shows and shows and more shows and more shows done and more to come, no retreat no surrender, we made a promise we swore we'd always remember etc.
This week its nelson/mapua at an ol' haunt, to go haunting again, at the playhouse, see nick and manu, sit backstage and get ready and eat some pizza, meet some soldiers on the front lines at the libaries or the schools or the hopsitals, theres always someone at the playhouse fighting the good fight, they seem happy that I've got a couple of songs in the canon/cannon about their concerns, it feels good to sing for them and be inspired by them. I'll also have the drinking songs, the train songs, the fight songs, the hope songs, the odd cowboy song, the go slow songs, the stand on the table songs, the keep the faith songs, the faith's got rocked songs, the hang in there songs, the fuck em songs, the I'm sorry songs, the don't quit songs, the take this job and shove it songs, the irish songs, the punk songs, the soul songs, the papanui songs,, the south island via the north island and down to stewart island songs, the get the money songs, the give the money songs, the talking blues songs, the backwards country songs, the love everlasting songs, and maybe a few more besides. I'm always glad to sing em for you!

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