YoU mAde iT

You’re here! You made it! I don’t know how you did it but you did it! Well friend I hope the faith will be rewarded. The attention economy suggests you might not be here long, and I have made no efforts to hook you further. I figure if you made it here under your own sails then you’re bold and brave and big enough to check out whenever the aforementioned attention starts waning….maybe right about… now. 

Maybe not? 

In that case this is what it is… 

My great great great great grandfather was a famous Whaler down in Bluff (arse end of New Zealand if you’re looking backwards). He had a ship, an ex-man-o-war named ‘The Chance’. 

It was described once as thus… 

"she looked like some poor old relic of a bygone day, whose owners, unable to sell her and too poor to keep her in repair, were just letting her go, while keeping up the insurance in the hope each day that she might come to grief" 

This website, shit my whole career is a lot like that. Maybe it runs in the family? 

Regardless I’m glad you made it, maybe you’ll buy a record or leave me a tip or something, maybe you’ll find out when a show is, maybe you’ll exasperate at my complete lack of professionalism, either either I’m glad to know you’ve been by and I’m glad you were even curious for whatever time you spend.