The Turns

How do you know if you’re getting old?
You have turns, bits of turns, a bit of a turn, a piece of a turn, things that throw you off, like blip in the mainframe.
I had a turn, a small turn, a weird turn, one that took me off to the ED whereupon on frazzled hero dr and a bunch of cool calm bad ass nurses were dealing with wave after of people like me.
We got it figured out in about five hours which considering the pressure they were under seems like a miracle to me and I thank them.
I’m fine and will be fine and in the great words of Richard Pryor ‘I ain’t dead yet motherfuckers’ and in the greater words of a minor character in predator 2, ‘there’s no stopping what can’t be stopped’
However there is a pause.
I have to not get on the road and instead just rest up for a few days.
So that’s what I’m gonna do, because considering the sweat on the brow of the Ed Dr I do not want to fuck with the advice given and end up back in the mix being a headache to all involved, just cause I couldn’t chill for a bit.
That means I have to postpone tomorrow’s show in invercargill! I am sorry!
Buttttt we’ve postponed till sept 8th which is heapppps of time but will happen kapow!
So if you can wait till then all tickets will be valid!
If that won’t work then all refunds will be incoming!
All ticket holders will be contacted asap!
So sorry southern friends!
All other shows are go!!!!!
And everything else
Thanks for understanding!
May your turns forever turn around!

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