get in behind

I get so behind that I'm behind all the things I'm behind in, so far behind I might as well be the ass end of a pantomine horse, hunched with my head nestled right in the things I'm behind in, making excuses about how far behind I am to all the things I'm behind in, behind, beholden, unbelievable...Imagine me the greatest of the greatest of all old sheepdogs,
"what do you mean you can't?"
"I'm already there"
I meant to tell you about my show in a couple of weeks in new plymouth, but I just got behind, so far behind, but a couple of weeks is actually pretty good considering who you're dealing with...
so yeah Its been a minute since I, NZ's 37th favourite folk singer showed up in one of my most favourite homes away from homes, new songs, new stories, a new record, old clothes, old ways, old hopes, new feelings, old dog, new truck, old guitar, new cables, whatever it looks like I'll being going in guts first
come join me old friends and new....
now l'm a little less behind, behind the 7 ball, one better
holy improvements

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