Nail Free!

I've grazed Matamata before, played around it, sensing it through the shadows of the Kaimais , turning left at Hamilton or turning right at Hamilton depending on the reliability of my internal compass, circling like a vulture with acoustic guitars for talons and finally tomorrow after all that flapping and floating the eventual morning will dawn and the hours will pass right up until 8pm when I'll show up at The House With No Nails, which as the name suggests is a literal house built with no nails, and do some of that good old fashioned folk singing! 

Knowing my luck if there are any nails present I will, with my usual inevitability, stand on them and they will embed in the sole of my foot and my literal soul and I will carry them like a soldier carries a medal on his chest. 

My no name tour cheats a little as I'm on a plane up to Hamilton to get to this one, but I'll bring the truck up for round two in a couple of weeks. 

so friends of the Waikato, if you're close and want to come by for the communion... all details at

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