Friends! I'm burning round the nth island setting fire to coffee shops and junk shops and book shops wherever they land singing and telling stories late into the night! found a sweet old 70's japanese Hummingbird copy in Waipu Cove and it made me think of old ben edwards who helped us make all The Eastern albums and all the albums by everyone ever and how when I only had $100 yamaha held together with electrical tape he would lend me his until the busking and three shows a day work we were doing way back when paid off, then he gave it to Marlon Williams who snapped the neck in the high altitudes more than once. I don't know where it ended up but maybe this new/old one I found might carry some of the spirit! Guitars are good like that! I like the North North Northlands a lot and this week I'm banging around there with one of the good road dogs monty bevins, I've watched him destroy his future by spending most his time on the road these past years and its good to know I ain't alone out there on these wild state highways where the cars a getting faster by the minute, road pals like guitars often carry the same spirit! We're in Whangarei come thursday night in this fellas boat building Shed called the woodshed and on friday across the water from opononi in Kohu Kohu, I love it there and can't wait for the weekend! both shows are door sales only so we cross our fingers any one'll make it and if they don't we'll still sing cause thats what we like to do and it'll take the edge off an empty room anytime! 

This beaut keeper of the faith who hosts this great Radio Show in Northland gave me some airtime last week and I droned on and he let me go which was sweet and kind of him! you can listen right here: 

just scroll on down till you find tunes from the badgers den, thats where this ol' bear got his yarn on and the badger was good enough to let me roll without a scratch or nothing! viva him and the beagle radio upon which he resides! 

we got more shows coming up! 

New Plymouth 





Palmerston north! 

with me solo and 

some real humdingers with The Eastern coming soon! I'll start rolling them out from a motel room somewhere tomorrow! stay tuned! stay gold! stay free! 

and in the great words of of old Chuck Dukowski 'What the fuck, Fuck shit up', I know that ain't no way for a folk singer to talk but at exactly the same time its exactly how a folk singer should talk...we'll keep riding the dualities as high and tight as we can and try and make it look as easy as Duke Kahanamoku made his wave riding look, of course I ain't as full as grace and wonder and power like him, but I'm trying and swearing like Chuck Dukowski all the way to my own inevitable wipe out! Peace!

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