Not unlike the weird maths that confers each dog year to 7 human years, musician years have an exponential arrangement with time directly corelated with the weariness you feel as you try to decreak your knees getting out of the van after 6 hrs trapped inside it listening to warren zevon to tell you must learn to write better. There is a formula for this it goes… A2x MY1000 (Z+V-K)3 = 172.

Thus, in my musician years I am 172 give or take a few. This is interestingly numerologically speaking because I have done 127 shows this year, certainly not a record but a fair wack considering x2 rounds of covid, pneumonia, food poisoning, old age, despair, a complete lack of ambition. Somehow they got done. There were also a lot that didn’t get done, because of the above and the weather and all manner of stymies big and small.

I’ve been doing this for more of my working life than I haven’t. Strange maths.

I’m not alone though, there’s heaps of out here running up and down the radar in and out of reception digging trenches and trails wherever we can.

It’s a big ol’ goofy world as old john prine might say and when I run into other journeymen and women I wonder if we’re not making it goofier for ourselves? Or are we trying to help everyone else out with their own goofiness. It’s probably somewhere right in the middle.

Regardless, we’re out there this weekend making up our rain savaged show in Lake Hawea on sat (tix: and then for free in CHCH at the City’s Summer Sundays series with local wahine of wonder Stephanie Beck (details here:


And then the great so ons and redo’s:


but what I really want to tell you about is two road friends from around the way who will be showing up in C-City of the next couple…

Next week Feb.16th at little andromeda one of my road heroes the great Canadian folk singer scott cook will be breaking hearts, rattling, brains and making y’all smile. If theres a real deal, he is it. Please go and tell him that the city has a place for travelling wise men like him it’ll be more than worth it. if you need the proving, but once you see him you won’t.

A week later, my dear sister of the road Esther Swift will be bringing her Harp and Celtic wondery here to The Piano. She is as good as it can get as it can be and there’s no melody she can’t send like a missile to your heart.

I’m gonna go and sing with her, it’ll be something. I can’t ask you harder so I won’t but if you believe the music side of folk music and want your heart messed up for days, this will be the one.

Here’s a review of her latest show in Hawkes Bay…if you ain’t in c-city she’s out there around the isles making it all feel like Scotland and its great beauty and mystery.

Details at:



Oh and the album I’m meant to be telling you all about?

Should be in stores now, cd’s have been shipping steadily and the vinyl is pressing fingers crossed for a soon landing.

I’m not fucking around, just trying to catch up…

Besides I’m 172 years old and getting born everyday

Good luck my friends and foes and brothers and sister dogs of the road

Drive on till we get there



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