The Easybeats

I sat at the table and learned friday on my mind by the easybeats, it was 3am, I sounded awesome. I played it again in the day time, this time loud as my neighbours were awake at work whatever. I… Read more

The Songs

shows and shows and more shows and more shows done and more to come, no retreat no surrender, we made a promise we swore we'd always remember etc. This week its nelson/mapua at an ol' haunt, to go haunting again… Read more

The Time before time

There was a time before the internet, before the personal computer, before the electric typewriter, before writers, before types, before the sun, before fire, before the scrawling of ink on the walls of caves, before it all. It is in… Read more

The Hunter

Tonight I’m playing with one of the the best to ever do it, Al Hunter, in his home town of Woodstock just east of Hokitika, in one of the best homes for The song in the country, The Woodstock hotel. … Read more

The Wizard

They called him hedge,
On the surface cause he was wild and wooly?
But maybe it was like how they call me blue because I had red hair? Where the opposite is true?
Because redwood or mountain or moon would…

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The Winner

Christchurch industries fair, 1982 Adam McGrath wins a trumpet for dancing like Elvis Presley in a children’s talent quest, starting an addiction to trumpets and a desperate need for approval followed by a desperate sense of embarrassment. Breens Intermediate, 1989 … Read more

The Turns

How do you know if you’re getting old? You have turns, bits of turns, a bit of a turn, a piece of a turn, things that throw you off, like blip in the mainframe. I had a turn, a small… Read more

Oh Mystery

Last week I played at the Bucks Head Tavern in Taylorville, you can tell a good pub by the history in there and the people behind the bar and like me a little later on top of it. I get… Read more

get in behind

I get so behind that I'm behind all the things I'm behind in, so far behind I might as well be the ass end of a pantomine horse, hunched with my head nestled right in the things I'm behind in… Read more


Once, actually about 4 times, I got to sing ‘Welcome Home’ on stage with Dave Dobbyn to rooms full of stranded New Zealanders. I’m not that nationalistic, and have a mostly impossible fear of flags (excluding probably the Tino Rangatiratanga…

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Back In Town

ya boy is back, back in the rig, swigs to take, glasses to break, hearts to ache, posters to make, tickets to take, for the songs sake for goodness sake...its been a long time since we rocked n rolled, folk… Read more

Lets get small

I move through the world uncomfortably, too big not to bang my head, break the chair, squeeze between the tables, knees to chin, chin to knees, slumping to get little to not make a scene, 6’4 4000kgs of pure pizza… Read more