Goddamn these viscitudes! With sadness but a begrudging wonder at the humbling power of the natural forces of the planet, we have to admit defeat in relation to our show tomorrow in Lake Hawea due to the forecast day long rain that will make our beautiful under the stars bonfire show at the beautiful Lichen Lane Homestead untenable. 

We rolled the dice hoping that a nice outdoors dance in the grass type a’happening might slip past the weather gods this early in the summer season and of course we were found wanting when aforementioned roll turned up snake eyes! 

We’re making the call tonight so the logistics are easier to bare for y’all and us. After a deep communion between ourselves, Monty Bevins and Hilary and Jeff, who’s place it is, we figured that it’d be better to postpone the whole thing rather than have a wet, lawn destroying, electrical equipment drowning, stinker of a night, when really the lichen lanes first mega outdoor humdinger starlight hooley (trademarked obviously!) deserves clear skies and dry dirt for all y’all bums and boots. With our luck the sun’ll come out and it’ll be all good just to make it a double stymie  but we had to make the call this evening, so we don’t lose a ton of money, energy and everything else, none of which after all these years we have much of to lose! 

So with that in mind we will not cancel but instead postpone now till Feb. 11th, the first date we all could make happen! 

Tomorrow was pretty much sold out which is a drag, but we are emailing everyone right now and offering refunds, but also letting you know all tickets will be valid for the 11/2. 

So stay dry, stay humble, stay cool hopefully stay in the ticket loop till feb. 

Your pals 

Eastern, Monty, Hilary and Jeff

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