Old Nick Mundy

Did I tell you about my old brother Nick Mundy? Last time I was coming to Whangarei? 

If I did then here we go again, if I didn’t then we’re sweet as… 

Anyway Nick Mundy showed up in my 3rd form class and he was a giant with a mullet just like me and he had bone tooth earring and I had a bone tooth necklace (which got me banned from all school functions for punching someone with it and getting caught with it wrapped around and in between my fist at the very first burnside high school disco, but you know that’s a different story and a different life) so of course we were destined to be the propping combination for the Marist Western Suburbs under 14’s… 



Hold on I have written this here…I checked… 

Goddamit I’m running out of stories 

and towns 

and old friends 


Oh fuck it call it an encore, like when we had to play wagon wheel three times at the Hokitika Wild Food’s Festival just to get the crowd to like as much as the beat girls who had just destroyed us, (I mean that in deep seriousness, you might think you’re shit is pretty tight but you just can’t compete with a band of killer singers in big wigs a backing tape and every no. 1 hit ever written in their set, anyways that’s a different story and a different life). 

But way back when 

When I was 11 there was this test we did at school to identify whether you had a predilection for music. 

If you got a certain mark you were allowed to take music lessons subsidized by the school they played lots of notes and you had to answer questions about the way they sounded etc. 

I closed my eyes and focused real hard, because I wanted to play the saxophone real bad. 

Of course I failed. 

That was it for me as far as lessons went. 


When I hit high school a couple of years later and old Nick Mundy discovered the sheets that you needed to give to your teacher to get out of class for music lessons. 

We stole about fifty 

And I never went to economics again. 

However we got busted on that. 

But the music teacher who called us on it and said if we wanted he'd organize real lessons for us. 

I chose bass guitar cause I wanted to be like Steve Harris from iron maiden. Nick didn't care so we went together. 

However the teacher was smart and said we had do some other music lessons also. So we said sure, he told us to show up later so we did and he presented us both with a euphonium each. 

Now the euphonium being the little brother to the tuba and the fact we now had to carry it to and from school was a mighty blow to the shitty scumbag bemulleted 

Metal warrior school bully vibe we working on. 

The teacher was smart. 

It was an ace he kicked up our holes. 

To be fair the lessons didn't last long as me and nick were both 6ft at age 13 and intimidated the teacher so much he asked if we would be removed from his schedule. 

The point of all this is that there could be a fairly direct line between Nick Mundy’s shifty eye for an out from economics and me showing up singing these here folk bangers to crowds of up to 20 or more in small spots all around New Zealand. 

And the point of that is that Nick was from Whangarei 

And the point of that copy and paste from 2019 

Is that I’m back in Whangarei on Thursday and I’m playing at the Woodshed which is actually a boat shed and my mullet less pal Monty Bevins will be there too! And then on Friday in KOHU KOHU! At the soundgarden! Whoah get back oh yeah c’mon now! 

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and here is an announcement for a whole other leg of shows! 

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