From the recording Dear Companions

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Do you remember me?
Like I remember you?
Are you forgetting things?
Like I’m supposed to?
Are you doing fine?
I hope you are
I can still hear you singing
With me at the bar

I wanna say your name but I can’t bear it
cause you’re too far, too far to hear it
but its ok its better just to listen
I say its ok even when it isn’t

Did you find another?
Was he a better man than me?
It wouldn’t be hard to believe
It wouldn’t be hard to see
I tell you though I did my best
Even when I did my worst
I guess I’m as equally blessed
As I’m forever cursed

But being ok it’s a relative thing
But Isn’t that something I’d say
In a song I’d sing
If you went away
But then you went away
I guess it’ll be ok
Even when it isn’t