1. Splitter's Woe

From the recording Dear Companions

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I got the splitters woe
Oh where to go?

The passing of the rain becoming part the sea
The turning of the days in anger against me
I try to empty out my longing, let the air come rushing in
A man is simply nothing until he’s gone or given in

I’ll love you forever
And forever’s just today
If that’s what makes it easier then that’s just what I’ll say
I’ve failed in my learning, I have let you down
I make my axe a hammer I refuse to put it down

We can make a circle the circle makes a wheel
The whole thing goes on forever that’s the nature of the deal
I have no understanding, understandings not for me
The sun it goes on burning the wheel is made for turning

Lift my hand
above my brow
shade my eyes
so I can see
like a soldier
salute and rise
it’s the dying life for me