1. LA To Linwood

From the recording Dear Companions

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She’s running after a four year old
In a Lakers top
L.A. to Linwood in four bus stops
She’s marking out a path
From the library to the Warehouse to Winz
Running head first
To where her life begins

She’s singing a song
All to herself
words are for her and nobody else
“when times get hard, all ya gotta say
all we gotta remember all we got is
day after yesterday”

She’s having a one sided conversation
little one yells out destinations
She’s speaking to his father in her head
“I wish I could have said to you,
before you walked out on me,
we all get so much older
than what we hoped we’d be”

She closes her eyes
and clenches her fists
She gets so tired all this bullshit
But then she gets a kiss right above her eye
“Wake up mum, we’re almost there”
“Ok little man let’s get one thing between us clear
we’re in this thing together
knuckles up no fear?”

Through the window of a red bus
on Linwood avenue
and the color of a green light
things can look brand new