From the recording Dear Companions

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We both catch the same bus
The city blue line
You with your red hair
And me with mine

You on the left seat me on the right
If I could have spoken back there
I might’ve said it’d be alright

But this trip it’s a long one
But it’s all that we have
It was so good to see you
And not see that bag
You used to keep hidden
In your blue jackets sleeve
Now that I see you
It’s so hard to believe

That after all these years
We’d still be right here
You with your red hair
And your eyes so clear

And I think of your baby
And where she is now
And I think of your friends
And how they made out

But regardless
I’m glad of this
Long bus ride
to see you still here
to see you survived
And maybe I’ll see you
In the time further down
Just you and me baby
Riding on through the town
Two old relics of a time that never was
Just two riders, because just because
Two old friends, travelling street after street
Just two kids, going beat after beat