1. Air Jordans

From the recording Dear Companions

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Getting pissed
Running free, Iron Maiden and Eazy E
Stolen ten speed and bmx free we run run run
You got the addidas torsions
I stole the air jordans
and together we run run run

you joined the white power
jay joined the black power
but to me you were both brothers
you stood in is lounge and you called him a *******
you say "How the hell am I still living?
he should've killed me,
but he let me go"
sometimes friendship just goes a little slow
and now we put that back in the day all is forgiven
its hard to see the colours when you’re standing with ‘em

Now you got two girls and a partner
Backyard around the fire, laughter
Take it easy, smoke a little weed,
Not a bad life for a bad seed
Keep your pride in your friends and your Fords
Tell me brother ain’t that just what livings for?

My mother died two weeks ago
You boys all said she helped you grow
Of that she would've been proud
I sing her praises every city I go
I sing yours too you know
I sing 'em out I sing em loud
I escaped the factory and the prison cell
But I never escaped the bars
But I just keep the windows low and give em hell
And keep on driving past all them parking cars