1. Dog

From the recording Dear Companions

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I took the dog today
What an animal
He was nervous on the ferry
As we bumped across the drunken waves
He was glad to be ashore
When we crossed the dock
He was bold up the hill
And along the rock
He was flying through and through the pines
The needles were keeping him up
He was looking back at me from time to time
And wishing me good luck

I was always smiling
Apart from that moment
When I turned and faced the cliff and the sea and the mist on the far headland

And I thought of you and the path we took
How I followed you there
And you followed me here
Lying all the way
And I wished you home safe and sound
And you got there however you did
And I got here
with the dog
And his guts and his heart and my love gone apart and
he got here with me
and he is strong and kind
and he knows my name
do you remember a time
when you knew the same?