Back In Town

ya boy is back, back in the rig, swigs to take, glasses to break, hearts to ache, posters to make, tickets to take, for the songs sake for goodness sake...its been a long time since we rocked n rolled, folk, souled, whatever the hell it Is I and the Eastern do...but here we go again...out of the barlands into the bad lands and the south lands and this weekend the northlands! thats right up in Parua Bay Whangarei heads at the Llama Lounge, a good old fashioned Listening room, and singing room!
and then in a couple of Weeks in Auckland amongst the goods at Studio 1 vintage Guitars for their first live instore session! this is ltd capacity so dive on them suckers!
then a bit after that in Wanaka at Wānaka Festival of Colour in a talking and singing session with esteemed wise ones, julia deans Julia Deans and Ebony lamb Ebony Lamb and wrtiter of soul and taste Grant Smithies Grant Smithies
details for all of these tickets etc at the old creaky web hut
but that aint it listener, reader, web surfer! no way do you think your easterns will leave you hanging? we've got something big and special and righteous on the come up...if you were around for our gig with Jordan Luck last year as his backing band for the finale of the Barlands run then you will get a hint of where we're heading with this special announcement! info on sunday night! prepare your 3d glasses, popcorn and take the phone off the hook this will be better than something not as good!
in the meantime! check me out in Northland, auckland and wanaka land!
get some!

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