Travdel Safe!

`I rolled all the way back down the island got all the way to kohu kohu for a lil’ dream show at the sound lounge and all the way down back to c-city, got to thinking about all these years and all these up and downs and long way rounds. I like still being in the trenches, under my own steam, calling my own shots, rolling my own dice, thinking my long thoughts hoping my big hopes trying to keep my bad feelings in the boot or under my wheels where they belong. I’ve got do just about everything I’d ever hoped of doing, and theres just enough of you out there to keep me going and I know how much I owe you and I know how much I owe everyone who don’t even know who the fuck I am and for whom the whole idea of springing $20 to come see some folk music would throw the whole budget out of whack. In fact I probably owe those people the most, because I guess that’s the world I got borned into and I’m glad in between the train songs I try to sing as many of their songs as I can squeeze out of me. 

But you know their songs, your songs, my songs, those songs, it’s all the same song I guess. I’m not counting those songs designed to get something from you, or designed to sell you something other than a record or a ticket. I’m not sure those songs count. But you know what they might. But I can only speak for the songs that show up inside me and well I’m glad of them and I’m lucky to deploy them and…and…and… 

Jeez, Adam get to it man, get to the POINT. 

Well the point is I’m grateful and I’m trying to tell the people that. 

OK fairs, fair, 100 words or less though would be a little easier on the attention span, y’now? 

DIG! Okokok… 

Thankyou friends for the last few weeks and the ones to come. 

Which start this week in MATATMATA! At the House With No Nails… 

And then continue on from Aug 4th at the 4th Wall in New Plymouth 






Details and tix as ever at 

And so on and so on… 

And Auckland we’re working on you proper! And goddamn goddamn, the Band you really show up here for The Goddamn Eastern, lets just say, stay on the line brothers and sisters things are gonna get stupid this spring/summer/forever…. 

And here’s a Lil’ Photo of my godson Lil’ Joe sending me a postcard, that’s how we keep in touch as I go a ramblin’, mine to him are always ramblin’ his are always to the point and always put the water in my eyes. Him and my other godson are the best things I never had anything to do with! thanks for the message Lil’ Joe and everyone else out there with their Eyes tight on my back! 


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