This spring join The Eastern and friends; Jordan Luck, Adam Hattaway & The Haunters, Imperial April, Al Hunter, Volts, Al Park, Ryan Fisherman, Frankie Daly, Lindon Puffin, Best Bets, Tess Liautaud, Brendan Gregg, Shakin’ Hayride, The Sweet Sweet Nothings and many many more, and celebrate some of Christchurch’s finest music venues that have hung on the past couple of years to keep the music and the spirit of community alive.

Six different shows with six different lineups showcasing a swathe of music, veterans and young chancers alike, at a 1990’s ticket price of $5. An offering to gig goers to say thank you for the support they have shown original music. And as an added piece of service, the bands and venues ask punters to bring one can of food or essential household item (including sanitary items) with their ticket, which can be donated post gig to foodbanks and services throughout the city.

With different line ups at every gig, and more to announce we’d be thrilled if you could join us in The Barlands! or at least help spread the word! We’re on your side, thanks for being on ours!

$5 plus a can of food or non perishable household/sanitary item